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How to check your computer configuration?

When someone asked us system configuration we hesitate because most of the time we don't know what is our system(Computer) configuration. By checking our system configuration we can know that we Windows version we are using, Ram, bit version of Operating system etc. By knowing these things can help us many situations like it will help us to install software or games which ask for some minimum amount of RAM etc. Many software like Adobe Photoshop, Android Studio, Spring Tool Suite (STS) etc needs large memory size to operate.

If your system has that RAM size then only you can install that software. If you install a software which not meet your system specifications then it will not work. And the time spent on downloading and installing that software got wasted. So to avoid those situations you have to know what is your system configuration.

Have any problem?

If you have any problem with your Acer laptop like you are not able to download or install any specific software or game. Then you can contact Acer at 0800-046-5242. Software and games related extra files like .NET files, Steam etc are also provided for download and install.

Disclaimer: is an independent service provider for problems related to Acer laptops. We don't have any affiliation from acer but we have experienced engineers who can resolve acer laptop problems easily. And for resolving problems we charge some amount in the end. For extra services like windows installation, Antivirus installation will be charged more. Again, we don't have any affiliation from Acer and logos and name used of acer is only for representation.