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As providing services for Acer in the United Kingdom we have analysized different patterns of problems which customers face. Whenever a new thing happen like lauching of new Operating system, games series part or new software people just start running toward it without asking themselve that why do they need new operating system if they are comfortable with current Windows version. Due to this human nature of trying new things often trouble people a lot. By installing a new software in their computer without knowing much about it can cause problem to them. As we have software developers also in our team we all know that whenever a new software or operating system lauched there were always some bugs generally known as errors were left in software while developing. This bugs or error are resolved later by analysing customers complaints and are removed in updates of those softwares. So our expert always recommend that dont use new software or operating system just after its lauch. Take some time while developer make it more safe, secure and bugs free.

As a team of experts having people from different backgrounds like developer, software, hardware, networking etc we are able to resolve most of the problem. We know that a single person cant handle most of the problem alone. Thats the reason we hired a team of experts from all field related to computer.

Tips and Tricks

We have some tips for our customers related to computer usage which are :-

  • Dont put your laptop in sleep mode for more than 10 minutes, it will be good if you Shut it down. By switching it off you will save battery life.
  • Restart your computer in every 3-4 hours. Whenever you take water break or any kind of break put your system on restart. This will make you save your files more often and your computer speed will remain fast.
  • Turn off your computer Windows auto update. If your computer is on Auto update then it can start updating itself in situation when you need it more like in confrence, meeting etc
  • If your computer is not in warranty or it have covered its warrenty time period then you should clean it internally in every 6 months. If you are not technically effiecent then you should go to nearby service station for your device serviceing.
  • Never install softwares which are not neccessary as they may have some harmfull virus in them.
  • Never install pirated software or operating system in computer. Pirated software may also have virus and malware in it. And you can not ask for help to microsoft if your are having pirated operating system in your computer. By using pirated software or operating sysem you can save some money but if something like virus attack etc happen then it will cost more than amount of software by which you could have avoid it.
  • Always install genuine Anti-virus software on your computer. The antivirus will keep your system safe and secure from external virus attacks on your computer. Hackers use the virus to get inside a computer and then to take away your personal data. Antivirus will cost you around 120$ -250$ for around 1-year protection which is quite low in comparison to the damage which you can face. Set your antivirus program on Auto-schedule to make your antivirus scan your computer on its own. According to experts, you should scan your computer completely every week. The more time duration you have means more risk you are taking with your computer. So go and purchase a new antivirus software right now. We suggest you buy a Malwarebytes antivirus as it is top software right now.
  • If you have a Wi-Fi at your home or office then always keep that connection password strong and secure. Never let that Wi-Fi of your without any password. If you let your device without password then hackers can attack you through those Wi-Fi connections of yours. WPA and WPA2 encryption should be used for your device security. Also, don't tell anyone about your Wi-Fi network name as by name also you can get targetted easily.
  • Websites and emails sometimes are also made to transfer viruses. Emails have the link of websites or some files which are asked for the user to download. And after a user downloads that file or clicks on that link the harmful virus got inside the computer and start doing its work. To avoid these you should stop clicking on the websites which looks suspicious to you. And don't download or click on the email which you receive on the SPAM folder of email. A good working antivirus can also stop harmful websites from opening the computer.
  • Facebook is a social media website which most of us use. Almost everyone of age between 20 - 60 years have the account of them on this website. We had to fill some details on FB while signing it up but many of us don't put privacy on the information we put there. It means anyone can see our personal data and information on our FB. By this data like Date of birth, family etc hackers can get access to your bank account. They can simply answer security questions which you have selected and enter your bank account easily. So it is suggested that you keep your profile hidden and don't put extra information on social media to avoid any kind of theft. If you are using some other platforms like chatting or forums then don't use your real name there.
  • For your social media accounts, bank accounts you should use the different strong password. If both access information is same then chances of hacking of your account increase very much. And the password you should select you should have an upper case and lower case alphabet and one number and special character also. Never use your Date of birth or phone number in your account password.

Acer Helpline

We know these things as we know about Acer laptop more. Still you are troubled than you can dial us at 0800 029-1869 Problems which are software related will be resolved by us within some minutes. For hardware problem you have to contact us and take appointment from us before visiting customer care center. By having prior appointment both of our time will get saved. You can also fill contact form or email us to contact throgh email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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