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Acer is a well know computer and laptop manufacturing company. Acer first started with making high-quality laptops which are its specialty till now. This multinational company expanded its field to other computer related products also. Acer gaming laptop is right now very famous in the United Kingdom and is getting a good response from people. And Acer is going to launch another laptop for gaming purpose in next month. So it means this company is expanding itself with time by improving its products, ideas, and team. But something which didn't change fastly is product service. Companies sell their products but when its time to provide service for products they are very hard to find. But this will not happen in case of this multinational company because we are here to provide service and support for Acer.

Acer Care We are the independent service provider for Acer laptops. Or you can say that we are 3rd party service provider. We do not have direct link with acer and we do not claim we are from Acer. We are just providing customers with service related to acer laptops when they contact us either by email or by dialing our tollfree number. We provide lots of service some them are as follows:-

Acer Customer Service

  • 1. Laptop working slow
  • 2. Windows operating system upgradation
  • 3. Google is not opening
  • 4. Drivers or software upgrade
  • 5. Antivirus installing and activating
  • 6. Internet is not working properly
  • 7. Some keyboard keys are lost
  • 8. Setup password for login
  • 9. Forget password of login
  • 10. Setting up microsoft account for laptop security
  • 11. Games are running slow on laptop
  • 12. Games installation taking too much time
  • 13. Webcam got damaged
  • 14. Speaker volume is too low
  • 15. Laptop mic not working
  • 16. Touchpad malfunctioning
  • 17. Battery backup time is very less
  • 18. Function key not working
  • 19. Acer getting too hot near fan
  • 20. Servicing and cleaning of laptop
  • 21. Software and programes auto-startup
  • 22. Battery not charging
  • 23. Brightness is too low
  • 24. Installation of softwares

We have around 7 years of experiance of resolving Acer issues. Whenever there are some new operating system launched or something new happen in IT company we are here. When Windows 10 lauched, many people installed this version of Microsoft in their computers but some of them always have problems in using them. We were there for our customers. We have solved lots of problems related to Windows that time. In year 2017, when Ransomware attacks started we were their to secure system of acer computer users by installing appropriate security features in their device. We also helped many government and buisness companies to avoid hacking attempt. Our service is very good and we can resolve allmost all of the problems which a computer user can have while using his/her computer either at home or at workplace.

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Disclaimer: Support-Acer.com is an independent service provider for problems related to Acer laptops. We don't have any affiliation from acer but we have experienced engineers who can resolve acer laptop problems easily. And for resolving problems we charge some amount in the end. For extra services like windows installation, Antivirus installation will be charged more. Again, we don't have any affiliation from Acer and logos and name used of acer is only for representation.